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Are you a hiring manager, corporate recruiter, or perhaps even your company’s CEO? Then you know the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you finally meet an impressive candidate. Emergent’s goal is to introduce you to that candidate quickly, without requiring you to go through the other dozens or even hundreds of applicants first. Our extensive network of relationships within the IT, Finance, and Accounting communities allow us to send you professionals who possess the skills, experience, and personalities that best fulfill your company’s needs and culture.

Emergent Professional Resources LLC provides specialized job placement services for growth- oriented businesses, including small businesses and Fortune 100 corporations, in industries such as energy, oil and gas, technology, engineering, real estate, accounting, finance, healthcare, banking, law, and insurance.


Services Include:

Direct Placements

We handle the recruiting, screening, and interviewing process, sending you only the top candidates who are interested in your direct hire opportunity.


Clients can hire contract employees to supplement their workforce during a project, hiring freeze, reduction in workforce, or other situations unsuitable for permanent commitments. Outsourcing short-term or long-term employment relieves clients from unnecessary costs and paperwork, while providing assistance during peak business periods with professional talent who specialize in your company’s industry.


Clients and consultants have the opportunity to determine whether the commitment is a good fit when they are flexible to convert from a contract position to a direct employee.


Emergent becomes the employer of record maintaining all consultant records, relieving clients of the burden of tracking payroll fees and taxes for each assignment.

Project Staff Management

Our mission is to help streamline administrative paperwork, project coordination, and personnel management allowing you to continue core business as efficiently as possible during a project. Emergent will maintain paperwork and project timelines through staff management to help your project run on time and under budget.

“Emergent was able to provide us with professionals who not only met our technical requirements but were a perfect cultural fit within our organization as well…” 

President, Telecommunications Industry

“I have worked with Emergent since 2007, and they are my “go to” personnel vendor whenever I need to find top talent.  No requisition is too big or too small and I get incredible customer service every time.  They know their clients and know how to develop…”

U.S. Director of Staffing, Fortune 500 Oil & Gas