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Building Success One Relationship at a Time

At Emergent, we specialize in supplying top professionals for positions in Information Technology, Finance, and Accounting. By concentrating in these specific skill sets, we gain deeper insight into the job market allowing us the opportunity to connect you with opportunities that fit your career goals. Not only do we form relationships within corporate communities, we continuously grow and maintain our relationships with our candidates so we always have a talent pool of highly qualified consultants ready for the next stage of their professional lives.


What sets our services apart from others is our dedication to getting to know you.  We want to understand exactly what you envision as your ideal lifestyle, as well as what you’re looking for in your next job because we want to help you achieve it.  Do you want a shorter commute? More money? Flexibility? More time with your family? Opportunities for upward mobility? Or are you looking for a certain type of company culture? By getting to know our candidates as well as the companies we work with, we have gained a reputation for making precise professional matches that last.


Your Network in the IT, Finance, & Accounting Communities

When you’re seeking employment, who you know is often as important as what you know. Let Emergent act as your network for new opportunities. We are far more than a job placement agency because we look out for our talented candidates before, during, and after they have found the next great opportunity. This kind of support is just one of the ways we strengthen our relationships within our professional talent communities.


We value our candidates as much as the businesses we serve, because ultimately, we want both sides to find the best possible fit. By constantly growing and maintaining our candidate relationships, we can keep track of the ideal applicants for specific opportunities. It’s how we find the best employees for the best companies, while strengthening both for future benefit.


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