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Five Lies You’ll Hear On A Job Search

What should I say when I hear this?

Assuming the VP is buying time rather than blowing you off completely, you can say “Thanks for letting me know. Shall we look at dates three weeks out?”


All the requirements in our recruiting process — the honesty test, the writing test, the drug test and the psychological exam – they’re all perfectly standard, and here for your convenience.

In reality the expensive, tedious, insulting and pointless selection-pipeline exercises are in place mostly because a vendor sales rep did a great sales job on this HR department.

That salesperson got the employer to believe they could Improve the Quality of Their New Hires by making their selection pipeline more complicated than it already was.

This is an especially heinous lie because the worse the recruiting process is, the more likely talented people are to drop out of it. Don’t believe the lie “Our process is perfectly normal.” If it’s a slow, inhuman process, then it’s not.

Talent-aware employers don’t put their valued job candidates through hurdle after insulting hurdle, then add insult to injury by telling them “We do it to improve our company.”

What do I say when I hear this?

Decide how badly you want the job. People who defend Godzilla practices are not typically hired into the sparkiest and most human organizations, the ones that can grow your flame and your resume, but you have to gauge the energy throughout the entire selection process.


If we hire you, you’re going to come in and be a Change Agent, with the executive team’s full support.

You  have my permission to laugh out loud if you hear this howler at a job interview. Executives who can’t envision themselves and their organizations making important changes love to hire Change Agents and set them free to receive as many arrows as their poor backs can hold.

If your boss really wanted change, he’d use the obvious power in his role to make that change happen, hire competent leaders and stop pretending that a new hire can be more effective at bringing about change than the boss himself could be.

What to say if you hear this: “Tell me your vision, and how you’ve made it real since you started in your job.”

Remember that the point of a job search is not to get any job, but a job that deserves your talents. Keep the Vortex in mind and keep your Lie Detector turned up to full power. Only the people who get you, deserve you.


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